12 - 13 March, 2018 | Novotel Sydney Central, Sydney, Australia

Allan Kjær Anderse

Ørestad Gymnasium Denmark

9:10 AM CASE STUDY: Welcome to Denmark’s Ørestad Gymnasium: A Modern High School with a Pedagogical Vision

Meet the creator behind this remarkable high school purposely designed to nourish its pedagogy-aiming at a flexible and structured use of different learning environments. Allan Kjær Andersen is the principal behind this renowned modern school for its innovative learning environments with open spaces instead of traditional classrooms and its immersive use of digital technologies. This year, the school will have over a 10 year history of proven successes for its academic excellences in teachers and students.
Allan believes that creativity and innovative skills are essential skills in the future society and have architecturally designed a school just for this. In this session, he will amaze us with the topics below:

  • Taking a tour of the Ørestad Gymnasium: Why was it built?
  • Analysing the architectural design that allow teachers and students to stimulate each other in innovative and creative ways
  • Emphasizing on digitalized learning materials
  • Exploring the gains and challenges of the high school
  • Evaluation of the learning spaces

11:00 AM Socio-Spatial Analysis: A Designed Approach to Understand the Innovations of Spaces and Pedagogies that Work for Students

The space between pedagogy, learning environments and teacher collaboration are responsible for the way we design learning spaces of tomorrow.

Researchers and educators have called for better understanding of the ongoing occupation of space (Bateman, Loughlin, O’Mara, and Aranda 2011). In order to design the best learning space There is a need to understand the way teachers and students occupy the space together, what pedagogical practices are used and their impact.

Let Allan guide through this workshop to design a learning space that best suits you and your students.

Take the first step and truly understand:
  • Analytic exploration of people and space
  • How they work together? Explore the social, spatial and pedagogical implications within learning spaces
  • How to measure student-teacher-space interactions within new learning spaces
  • Training and workshops to achieve revenue-raising architectural designs and developments for the best socio-spatial success


Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Allan Kjær.

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