12 - 13 March, 2018 | Novotel Sydney Central, Sydney, Australia

Jacqueline Thomas

Project Leader Immersive Learning Laboratory
University of Sydney

3:20 PM CASE STUDY: A New Reality in Class: Australia’s Largest Immersive Learning Laboratory Launched by The University of Sydney

Fast forward to the present and the University of Sydney has launched its first ‘Immersive Learning Laboratory’ (ImmLL). There is a definite ‘wow’ factor as it is Australia’s largest Virtual Reality laboratory with 26 Oculus Rift Headsets available to students across faculties in engineering, science, arts and social sciences. To date, more than 900 students have been taught through virtual field experiences and learning environments that were once impossible to be in. This session will highlight:

  • The team’s journey to implement the ‘Immersive Learning Laboratory’ (ImmLL)
  • Going beyond books: assessing the impacts of students’ learning experiences with the 360° video interactive virtual environment
  • Highlighting the successes and challenges of the ‘ImmLL’
  • Exploring the possibility of ImmLL as the future of education

2:00 PM University of Sydney (USYD) Immersive Learning Laboratory

Join the University of Sydney for its first Immersive Learning Laboratory (ImmLL)-the largest of its kind in Australia. Take a tour and discover first hand how the interactive 360° video of real life environments and constructed virtual environments have revolutionised educational opportunities. Due to the cost involved most VR immersive learning environments have a shared setup, however in this instance, the whole class can share the VR experiences at once. It houses the largest number of VR devices any educational installation in Australia. The ideal classroom isn’t just a physical classroom anymore- rather a flexible and highly interactive learning space. Find out more about the laboratory’s benefits, applications and features in this guided tour.

The guided tour will discuss:
  • Transiting into a VR Immersive learning environment and its challenges
  • The process of applying for the Strategic Education Grant
  • In small groups, experience the application of the high-powered Oculus Rift headsets in an educational setting
  • Explore the changes in the curriculum, management, facilities, pedagogy practices entailed with the implementation of the ‘ImmLL.’


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