14 - 15 March, 2019 | Rydges Sydney Central, Sydney, NSW

Tamara Sullivan

Head of Academics and Innovation
Ormiston College

11:50 AM Research Driven Learning Spaces that Promote Flexibility and Innovation Across Pedagogies

What has enabled Ormiston College to create a learning environment where young people achieve success is the pedagogical impact of their innovative teaching and learning framework. At the core of their research driven programs is a focus on achieving the best educational outcomes for students in a complex and ever-changing world.

  • How Ormiston College has reconceptualised their library into a state of the art learning commons to support the development of transferrable skills that equip learners with the skillset and mindset to ensure that they are future ready.
  • Hear how the College has developed a unique framework to support the development of students’ 21st century skills which explicitly incorporates innovative pedagogy and contemporary spaces to meet the diverse range of future learners.

1:50 PM PANEL: Transforming and Utilising Existing Spaces to Improve Student Interactivity

Educational environments evolve rapidly to maintain student expectations and stimulate positive learning outcomes. Vacant spaces and new development projects are leaving executives to explore opportunities to transform and utilise aged infrastructures as a result.

  • Exploring how vacant spaces occur and the challenges surrounding out-dated infrastructure
  • Strategising how to transform and utilise an existing space into an innovative and modern learning environment
  • Examining successful projects where transformed spaces broadened learning opportunities and technology was cleverly integrated

10:50 AM Encouraging a Responsive Rather Than Reactive Response to Innovative Technology Integration

Innovative technology creates a multitude of benefits and learning opportunities if teachers enthusiastically embrace and foster them into their teaching methods.

  • Encouraging the operation of new technologies when teachers may be intimidated by technical or complex administrations
  • The importance of awareness and training: Strategies to positively introduce new teaching tools
  • Maintaining communication and ensuring consistent technical support to ensure positive outcomes and return on investment

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Tamara.

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