14 - 15 March, 2019 | Rydges Sydney Central, Sydney, NSW

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The New Generation Learning Space Design Summit is back in 2019 on the 14th and 15th of March 2019 in Sydney! This year's event will have a strong strategy focus on how you can maximise its learning and teaching outcomes by delivering flexible and technology enabled education ...

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How the University of Queensland has Actively Engaged Students to Create Student-centric Spaces

Ahead of the New Generation Learning Space Design Summit, we chat with Sam McKenzie, Project Manager, at the Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation, University of Queensland. Sam will discuss how

What Universities Can Learn From Primary Education: Creating Technologically-Driven Learning Spaces to Foster Innovation

Ahead of the 8th Annual Next Generation Learning Space Design Summit, we chat with Jennie Vine, Assistant Principal and Kieran Nolan, Educational Technologist at Wooranna Park Primary School in Victoria.

UNSW: Transforming learning spaces through Virtual Reality implementation

In this case study Alexander Mayer, Student Ambassador at UNSW an shares insight into how VR and the personalisation of spaces has transformed his educational career and  Seher Ata, Associate Professor / Virtual Reality Program Developer at UNSW explores the steps her faculty has taken to integra ...

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5 ways New Generation Learning Space Design 2017 will help you create and maintain engaging learning environments

This article explores five key ways the New Generation Learning Space Design Summit will help you to create engaging learning environments, based on feedback from some of our past (and current) speakers.

Designing stimulating learning environments to boost student engagement: Two case studies from the primary school sector

In this article, Higher Ed IQ takes a look at the unique approaches two internationally recognised primary schools are taking to learning design and how these approaches are improving teaching and learning outcomes

Designing new learning spaces through co-creation: A glimpse into the vision behind the University of Adelaide’s Learning Hub

In this case study, Pascale Quester, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Academic), University of Adelaide, explores the concept of co-creation and the University of Adelaide’s approach to developing an innovative learning space to drive student engagement across their campus.

7 ways to design and develop agile and student-centric learning spaces

In this report, we take a look at seven key strategies universities across Australia and New Zealand are using to design, roll-out and maintain agile learning spaces to drive student engagement and improved learning outcomes.

6 strategies Australian Universities are using to design and develop collaborative and flexible learning spaces

In this eBook, we take a look at six key strategies universities across Australia are using to design and develop flexible and collaborative learning spaces to enhance the learning experience and improve learning outcomes. Learn how Macquarie University, Charles Sturt University and the University of Adelaide are designing and rolling-out learning...

Designing classrooms for the modern learner: How Silverton Primary School is co-creating flexible learning spaces with students

In this article, Diane Rickard, Head Teacher at Silverton Primary School, shares the strategies her school is using to design personalised and innovative student learning spaces and the steps they have taken to successfully integrate new technology into classroom design to improve student engagement. 

5 examples of best practice in innovative learning space design

Over the past decade, the rapid pace of change and the emergence of new technologies have transformed the way that students learn. In turn, learning spaces have also had to adapt in order to meeting changing student expectations and learning styles.With this in mind, we have compiled a list of...

Going Beyond Flexibility: Maximising Student Personalisation through Flexible Learning Styles and Spaces

In this presentation from the New Generation Learning Space Design Summit 2018 Alexander Mayer, Student Ambassador at the University of New South Wales explores; The transformation of learning spaces within the Faculty of Engineering and Business and its impact on his educationHis personal reflection on personalized learning: how it has...

Focusing on Western Sydney University’s First Vertical Campuses as Improved and Engaging New Generation Learning Spaces

In this presentation from the New Generation Learning Space Design Summit 2018 Denise Kirkpatrick PhD (Teaching and Learning), Masters of Education Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice President (Academic) Western Sydney University explores; Campus Developments as strategic approaches to produce engaged and industry-ready studentsTaking a look inside the Parramatta Vertical Campus’s highly...

Empowering Active Learning of Higher Education Students through Space, Pedagogy and Technology

In this presentation from the New Generation Learning Space Design Summit 2018 Michael James Keppell Pro Vice-Chancellor, Learning and Teaching at Taylor’s University explores; Pedagogy, space and technology: What’s new? How have the three elements evolved? How do they all relateSwinburne University of Technology Learning Space Case StudyEuropean Learning space...

Design for Delivery: Designing Innovative and Collaborative Learning Environments to Enable Students’ Development of Soft Skills and Resilience

In this presentation from the New Generation Learning Space Design Summit 2018 Dr Gordon Howell Director Learning Environments and Technological Services at Queensland University of Technology explores; Making the shift- implementing digital and flexible education strategies to enable student soft skillsRetro-fitting existing spaces to create agile and flexible learning environmentsStrategies...